See Photos from Our Election Day Event and ACLU Fundraiser!

On election day I held a special photo event at the studio, offering anyone who donated $15 or more to the ACLU or ACLU of Missouri an “I Voted” portrait in a custom patriotic photo set I built just for the occasion! I believe really strongly that election day should be a national holiday, and that we should celebrate our civic engagement much more than we do. When kids turn 16 they get excited to start the process of obtaining their driver’s license—and of course when people turn 21 they are excited to legally drink and hang out in bars. We make a huge deal out of both of those milestones, but we usually completely ignore turning 18 and being able to be a participating member of our democracy.

Photographers-eye view of the set up (pre-balloons)

In the spirit of being the change I want to see in the world, I held this event to make the day more fun, and to create some engaging photos that people could share on social media to show that voting (rather than being an activity somewhere between jury duty and a root canal in terms of enjoyment) is actually a really important and celebrated part of being an adult in this country. We had a great time, we raised over $400 for the ACLU and I, personally, had the most fun I’ve ever had on an election day.

I even wore patriotic shoes!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support this event and the ACLU – this was a great way to spend a day! If you know of other businesses that do Election Day specials let me know in the comments, we need to make a master list of cool things to do on Election Day!

Here are some of the photos from the event!

Election Day Event Photo Gallery

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