About Susan Bennet

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I'm Susan Bennet, and I'll tell you a secret: I hate having my picture taken.

Like many people, standing in front of a camera makes me nervous. There are some people the camera loves. But the camera doesn't love me, it seems to have a grudge against me. Sound familiar?

So, if you love having your picture taken, I'm the photographer for you. But, more importantly, if you're like me and you loathe having your picture taken, I am definitely the photographer for you. I understand how fraught the photograph can be in our image-conscious society, and I will work with you to create images that reflect the best version of your true self. Whether you need headshots, portraits or video, I will work with you to create images that you're happy to use.

Photography and video are amazing ways to create connection and preserve memories, and it's my joy to work with my clients to achieve these goals. My favorite thing to hear after a session is: "That was so fun!"—because that's the goal, to create beautiful images and have some fun doing it. Check out some reviews from my satisfied clients. 

My Work

The Riverfront Times, and St. Louis Magazine have featured my work, and I shot the cover for the premiere edition of local magazine Out in STL.  St. Louis's SOHA gallery presented my first solo show in 2016, and I've also shown at Mad Art Gallery. I was a featured speaker at AIGA's 2017 STL Design Week, discussing the representation of gender in photography.

My project Light for Shadows: The Women of St. Louis Music was shown at the 2017 TEDxGatewayArch event and it received an Editors Choice award as Best Photography Project of 2018 from St. Louis Magazine's A-List. 

In my spare time I you will find me walking my rescue chihuahuas in one of our city's picturesque parks, or cleaning up whatever my cat, Poe, has decided to knock over in the last five minutes.

Have a question for me? Feel free to get in touch at susan@oohstlou.com.


Susan Bennet