Headshot or Portrait?

Type Q: What type of session is right for me?

  • Headshots are for professional social media, business cards or corporate websites. Think LinkedIn, your website, author photos or actor/performer photos. These images are shot from the shoulders up, and typically they will be shot on a simple light or dark background.
  • Portraits are typically more personal images. These can be shot in the studio or on location, and we will have a chance to bring in props, get creative with lighting and background, and craft something that will really express who you are.


Session Fees

Q: What does my session fee cover?

Our studio is committed to providing you with high-quality images and video, whether for personal or commercial use. Our fee structure reflects the dedication we show to each and every client.

Our session fees cover the time we spend on your project, whether that’s consulting, shooting or editing. Your session fee may also include digital images, for sessions like headshots where prints are rarely needed.

All clients will have the opportunity to purchase additional print/digital copies of the work we create on an a la carte basis, which allows you to customize your purchase to suit your end use for the images. Extended licensing for commercial usage of images is also available.

We work with professional labs to create quality archival prints for our clients. An endless array of quality print products are available, at prices commiserate with high quality, professional print work.


Digital Files

Q: Can I buy all the digital files from my session?

  • Headshot Clients – all headshot packages include one or more high resolution digital files, and prints are also available to purchase. There is little reason to purchase an entire digital gallery, as we will work together to pick out and retouch the best of the images we create together. If you absolutely feel you must have all the unretouched files from your session, please inquire as to full-gallery pricing.
  • Portrait Clients  – I am in the business of helping my clients create memories. The best way to preserve those memories is with printed images. We have no way of knowing which digital formats will be standard, or even readable in ten years, much less twenty. (Think of all the VHS tapes in your home that you probably can’t access anymore!) For this reason, I work with my portrait clients to create images to print and display in the home, as wall art, or in albums. In addition, you can purchase a web-resolution digital copy of your files, perfect for sharing on social media. If you absolutely feel you must have all the unretouched files from your session, please inquire as to full-gallery pricing.


Hair and Makeup

Q: Do you have recommendations for hair and make-up artists?

At this time we do not. Most of our headshot clients do not require a full hair and makeup service, so there is little need to keep a hair and makeup artist on staff. Portrait client needs differ, but we work with each client individually to determine how best to achieve their desired look. This may involve a recommendation for a local salon at which clients can book an appointment just prior to their session.


Styling and Wardrobe

Q: Will you give me styling and wardrobe advice prior to the shoot?

Of course! We have a full styling guide that we send out to all clients to help them prepare. It covers tips for clothing fit and color selection, as well as particular areas to pay attention to when prepping for a shoot.