Women of St. Louis Music

The Project

In the summer of 2017 I began a series featuring the women of St. Louis music. As a creative in visual media, I have always been fascinated by those who write and perform music. The creation of music, the process of it and the inspiration behind it, has always seemed like an almost magical act to me. Like math and carburetor repair, how would one even know where to begin? So I sat down with women from our thriving local music scene and talked to them about their processes. My intention was to work together to capture the themes and inspiration of their music in a visual format.

The Process

This process has been amazing for me. Sitting down with other women and asking what themes they're exploring in their art is always such an enlightening experience. As an introspective, introverted type I am so often lost in my own creative process and projects that I forget to take time to connect to the women around me who are going through very similar experiences in their lives. So many common themes emerged. Balance, energy, grief. Striving for goodness, for positivity and light when the darkness of the real work tries to drag you down. Almost every woman I spoke to was fighting against the despair brought on by our current political climate. All of them struggled with ways to be understood and to be heard. In the end we're all just trying to make some sense of the world, stay afloat and make our voices heard in whatever way feels right to us. And reminding myself of that has helped when I start to doubt the utility of art in a society that does not seem to value thought or expression.

I hope that this project can shine a little more light on some crazy-talented women in our city - I am glad I connected with these ladies, and hopefully brought a little more of their magic into view. Keep making things. 

The Moth Queen - Greer Deerling

Balance - Syrhea Conway