Anatomy of a Fitness Shoot

Oh my gosh, do I love shooting fitness! Working on a fitness shoot is some of the most fun I get to have with lighting—sculpting bodies and creating/shaping shadow. Also, people who come in for fitness shoots really love to be in front of the camera, generally. Rather than trying to hide or cover anything up, they jump in front of the camera because they’re ready to show off the results of work they’ve been doing.  (Important Note: all bodies are good bodies, and there’s nothing wrong with having “flaws” you’d like to camouflage, I’ve got plenty.)

Anyway this session with fitness model Sharon Hazel was a treat last week. We set up for a variety of looks, so her portfolio would show some range. We went for a mix of more studio and more lifestyle inspired shots. For the editing I was inspired by a few different ad campaigns, from Nike, Adidas and even a throwback to my (favorite) classic Gap ads from the 1990’s.

This was so much fun! I had a great time with Sharon and we put together a really strong body of work for her, so she can go out and get some jobs showing off those killer abs!

Hope you enjoy the shots below, and hit me up if you’re interested in scheduling a fitness shoot in the studio. In-studio fitness sessions start at $350, and you can contact me about pricing for on-location shots at your gym—most of the local gyms are pretty good about letting us come in and set up a shoot during non-peak times.

Be sure to follow Sharon on Instagram at @sharonhazelmusic.

Sharon Hazel Fitness Shoot Photo Gallery

Behind the Scenes

And here’s a little behind-the-scenes of us in the studio on shoot day.

Sharon Hazel In-Studio Fitness Shoot ©2018 Ooh St. Lou Studios

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