Natural Light Headshots in the New Studio

natural light headshots

Who me, do natural light headshots?

So you guys know me, I am a strobe shooter all the way. I love my studio lighting, my studio setups and the clean, crisp look of headshots shot under those conditions. BUT! After moving to my new, sun-drenched studio space (yes, I am still in love with it)

I have been shooting some natural light headshots for clients. We usually start with classic studio/strobe shots, then move to different spaces in the studio to create natural light professional headshots with a more organic feel. Here are some examples of both styles from a recent client shoot.

studio light headshot
Marcie headshot with studio light. ©2018 Ooh St. Lou Studios
natural light headshot
Marcie headshot in natural light. ©2018 Ooh St. Lou Studios

So what do you think? Do you prefer the natural light look and feel, or the classic studio look? I think most clients need different headshots for different purposes (websites, social media, printed programs if they’re a presenter or speaking at a conference, etc.) so it’s great to have options and I am happy to be able to offer them!

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