Headshots for Doctors

How did you choose your last doctor? If you’re anything like me, you went first to your insurance company’s website, and checked out the in-plan doctors available in your area. Then you may have followed a link to a practice’s website, and had a look at the “about me” for the doctor you were considering. Did they look trustworthy? Did they look friendly? Did they look like as if they would listen to your concerns and treat you well? This is where a quality professional headshot becomes vital.

It’s important to potential patients that their medical professional looks approachable and understanding. Going to the doctor can be intimidating, and you want to do everything you can to set your patients at ease. With a great online bio, strong headshot and even a short video introduction about your practice and your approach to medicine, you can let patients know that they can trust you, and will be comfortable working with you.

We offer individual and group headshot sessions for doctors and other medical professionals. We can also produce short video bios and overviews of your practice for your website or social media. Shoots can take place at your location, in our convenient St. Louis studio. Have an existing look or established brand at your practice? We can match an existing lighting/background setup you’ve used for your team in the past, or create something completely new! So, is it time to update your online presence and attract some new patients to your business?

Contact us to book a session or get a quote for headshots for your team.

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