Light for Shadows – The Women of STL Music

Light for Shadows

As many of you know, I’ve been asked to show my “Women of STL Music” project at this year’s TEDxGatewayArch event. I am really excited to show this visual work to more people, but I also wanted to create something related to the project that people could purchase and keep – it is a project about musicians after all. So I worked with the women involved to create a compilation album that we will be offering for sale at TEDxGatewayArch Presents: Ripple Effect. After Friday it will be available for digital download via Bandcamp

This project has been amazing in many ways, but taking it one step further to create a collaborative work with all the women involved has been really special. The compilation is titled Light for Shadows, and I am attaching the cover art here.

Light for Shadows features tracks from:
Sunyatta McDermottCaveofswordS
Sharon Hazel WeatherfordSHaron Hazel Township
Syrhea ConawaySyna So Pro
The Vigilettes (Sara LapusanMelanie MeyerCat O’TooleJessee Halbower)
Jenny Roques
Jim James
Greer DeerlingBaby Baby Dance With Me
and a brand new, previously unreleased track from Natalie Huggins!

Your purchase of this compilation will help to support all the artists involved, and our thriving local music scene here in St. Louis. Looking forward to seeing you all this Friday at TEDx!


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