Production Stills: Cruiser

Over the last month I worked with 88mm Productions to capture production stills from the set(s) of their latest project: Cruiser. Currently they’re working on a teaser trailer which will help them secure funding for the full film. We shot at several locations: Lumiere casino, a warehouse in Sauget, Ill., and Ryder’s Tavern here in beautiful south St. Louis.

I absolutely love to watch other people at work, and film sets are hives of really interesting activity. I got to document all the amazing work going on behind the scenes and occasionally pick the brains of the various technicians in order to better understand what they were doing.

Working with the team behind this production was really delightful. Everything was was beautifully organized and seemed to run like clockwork. Seeing just how many behind-the-scenes hands it takes to create a minute of on-screen footage is really inspiring. Sound, lighting, hair and makeup artists, extras and assistants – everyone has to work together toward the same goal. When it works well, what they’ve done creates a seamless atmosphere and is invisible to the final audience.

Here are a few shots from the set of Cruiser, and I can’t wait to see the trailer and (eventually) the completed project.

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