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Emergency Headshots?

Emergency headshots – who knew that was a thing? But the longer I am in the headshot business, the more of that type of business I get.

fast professional headshotsMost business professionals who aren’t in the entertainment world don’t necessarily have a great, recent, professional headshot sitting on their hard drive, ready to be published at a moment’s notice. But then something comes up – a new job or promotion. A speaking opportunity with an attached publicity campaign. An article published in local press or a trade magazine. Suddenly, you need a great, professional headshot – right now!

When that occasion arises, our studio is here to help! Having a dedicated studio space means that we can fulfill most client’s quick-turnaround headshots needs with a day or two of them contacting us. We even have a specialty next-day rush retouching service available if you have to have the finished image the day after shooting.

In the last few months I’ve created “emergency” headshots for people who were:

  • Starting a new radio show
  • Being featured in a national ad campaign
  • Speaking at a business conference
  • The subject of an article about their business in a professional trade publication.

headshots for doctorsWhat all these subjects had in common was that they had only days to get their headshot turned around and delivered to marketing or management company, and I was able to help them all in their requested time-frame.

What We Need to Know

If you’re calling to request a rush or emergency headshot, we will need a little information to help everything go smoothly.

  • The hard deadline for the finished image, where it needs to be sent, and in what format.
  • The intended usage for the image. Will it go online or in a print publication? Projected on-screen at a conference, or printed black and white in the newspaper? All of these things can effect how we shoot and edit your image.
  • What style of headshot you need. We can match many existing lighting and background styles, or create an image that is meant to be cut out and placed on a pre-existing digital background to match an existing corporate style.
  • Are there any requirements for the image orientation or layout? Is it a standard head and shoulders headshot, or do we need to match an existing brand pose or crop?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of this information or if you have no idea what I am talking about. If the company or publication you’re working with has an example image we can usually match it.

headshots for actors

If you need a headshot in a rush, let us know – we can usually help!

Contact us at 314.328.9949 or to get more information or to schedule a session. See our headshot portfolio and pricing.

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