Fitness Photography Session with Lauren and Ethan

Last week I got to do a fitness photography session with Lauren and Ethan. You might recognize these two characters as the amazing duo behind Thousand Faces Cosplay. Not content with creating amazing and accurate costumes for their characters, they take things a step further and transform their bodies to better replicate the characters they play. Ethan found that he enjoyed the process so much that he now works as a personal trainer!

Fitness photography sessions are a lot of fun, because the subjects have been working on the project of their bodies, and they’re usually extremely excited to show off the results. We use dramatic lighting and often black and white conversions to focus on muscle definition. Clients can bring in props to work with (I usually tell them to bring nothing heavier than they’re willing to lug around—although for these clients that was not much of a limit.)

If you’re interested in scheduling a fitness shoot, contact me. Own or manage a gym? I can come set up shop at your location for a day, and do sessions with your clients. Contact or 314.328.9949 for more information.



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