Out In STL Cover Shoot with Cheyenne Devereaux

In August I had the pleasure of shooting the dynamic and dazzling Cheyenne Devereax (Dexter Peebles) for the cover of a brand new LGBTQ magazine, Out In STL. The brief was to create something fun, dynamic and potentially sparkly. Well, if you ask a drag queen to bring some sparkle to your studio, all your wildest dreams will come true.

I spent a fun few hours with Cheyenne in an explosion of sequins and glitter, with multiple costume and wig changes, and lots of laughs. Cheyenne is amazingly vivacious, charming and definitely knows how to work a camera. (Since I am 5’4″ and she’s 6’4″ I did have her ditch the heels first thing, though. I didn’t want to spend the entire shoot perched on a ladder.)

Here are the shots that made the print copy, and they are definitely worth all the glitter I had to clean up afterward:


Below are the original shots and some extra outtakes from the day.

You can pick up copies of the first-ever issue of Out in STL at St. Louis city locations where the Riverfront Times is distributed, and be sure to give their brand new Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages a follow! You can also follow Dexter/Cheyenne on Instagram.  Heck, follow me on Instagram too, it’ll be a party!

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