About Susan


If you love having your picture taken, I'm the photographer for you. But, more importantly, if you loathe having your picture taken, I am definitely the photographer for you. I understand how fraught the photograph can be in our image-conscious society, and I will work with you to create images that reflect the best version of your true self.

My love for photography began in high school. After majoring in photography at Columbia College in Chicago (back when it was still chemicals and darkrooms) I forged a 15-year career in marketing, supplemented with the study of 3D modeling and rendering techniques and the principles of graphic design. Once the field of photography evolved out of the darkroom and onto the computer, I came back to it full time and I've grown to love it even more. (No more stinky darkroom chemicals and processing endless rolls of film! Now we get just the fun parts!)

To me, photography is an amazing way to create connection and preserve memories, and it's my joy to work with my clients to achieve these goals. My favorite thing to hear after a session is: "That was so fun!"—because that's the goal, to create beautiful images and have some fun doing it.

My work has been featured in the Riverfront Times, on HEC-TV and in a recent solo show at St. Louis's SOHA gallery. I've worked with local websites including St. Louis Independent Comedy and have shot events and performances at many St. Louis venues. In my spare time (!) I run the St. Louis-centered blog and YouTube Channel Ooh St. Lou, which highlights some of the amazing artists, performers and entrepreneurs our city is fortunate enough to have.

Feel free to get in touch at susan@oohstlou.com.