Impolite Company: Breakfast Quest

My good friend and local comic Chris Cyr has a daily 6 a.m. radio show on WGNU920AM. It’s called “Impolite Company” after his live comedy show of the same name (monthly at The Crack Fox.)

Last weekend he decided (for some reason) to road trip to Shoney’s Henderson with another local comic, Jamie Krock, in order to partake of their famed breakfast buffet and record his show for Monday.

I decided (for some reason) to ride along – and I made a short film to document the whole thing. You can watch that here.

You can also listen to Monday’s show, which is an hour of our rambling Shoney’s breakfast buffet conversation, here:…/

And here are a few photos from the trip. If you need location short form video or photography, drop me a line at

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