Happy Birthday, Sweet 16

Sweet 16

March 9th was my chihuahua Chelsea’s 16th birthday!

In her golden years she’s become the most delightfully cranky and demanding little lady. She’s mostly deaf, somewhat blind, and suffers from spinal spondylosis, so she’s on pretty much every pain-relieving, muscle-relaxing, doggy feel-good medication that exists.

Chelsea’s had a challenging life (she’s a rescue pup) and I thought that her making it to the grand old age of sixteen deserved a fancy party, and that’s what she got! Thanks to Three Dog Bakery for making us the most adorable, perfect doggy birthday cake for the grand occasion!

(Yes, I did let her brothers enjoy the fun after Chelsea had her fill – mostly she just wanted to lick off the icing. Even cake is hard when you only have two teeth.)

Delightful cake, custom made by Three Dog Bakery


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