Double Your Neewer Color Gels, Double Your Fun

Recently I picked up an 8 pack of these Neewer color gels from Amazon. I wanted them to use with my Flashpoint XPLOR strobes, I have the barn door and gel kit that goes with the strobes, but I wanted to expand my color options. Normally when I am lighting a background I use two […]

Anatomy of a Victorian Photoshoot

Last week I had the chance to work on with Cat on this modern take on the Victorian photoshoot. Cat is a woman of many and diverse talents, not the least of which is the patience and skill required to construct elaborate period costumes.  She and her husband (and now their two daughters) have dressed […]

headshot photography

Headshot Session with Sam

Last week I had Sam in the studio for a headshot session. It’s hard to take a bad photo of Sam, she’s gorgeous with a distinct look. Check out those fantastic eyebrows! We went for some simple high-key shots, then changed up the expressions and posing and had a bit of fun. I take all […]

Fitness Photography Session with Lauren and Ethan

Last week I got to do a fitness photography session with Lauren and Ethan. You might recognize these two characters as the amazing duo behind Thousand Faces Cosplay. Not content with creating amazing and accurate costumes for their characters, they take things a step further and transform their bodies to better replicate the characters they […]

Portrait Session with Mike

Had a chance to do an awesome portrait session in the studio with Mike this week. This was a very simple setup, with just a few wardrobe changes. (Beards are so fun to shoot! The texture!) One of the things I love about portrait work is how we can use light, image processing and subtle […]

Promo Images Session – Chris Cyr

This week I worked with local comedian Chris Cyr to create images for his varying promotional needs.  Comedians and other performers are always in need of a variety of strong promo shots, not only for their own websites, but to send out to venues for both print and social media promotion of upcoming shows. We […]

What to Expect When You’re Shutterfesting

Last week I went to a yearly photography conference that’s here in St. Louis, Shutterfest. Billing itself as “The Premiere Photography Conference on the Planet” this event takes place over 2-7 days each spring at Union Station hotel. The official conference is 2 days, then there’s an “Extreme” add-on session for an additional fee on […]